Top 15 Best Cheap Running Shoes Under $25 in 2023 Reviews

Exercising is an excellent choice. Running is the most popular form of exercise. Running aids in the strengthening of muscles, the improvement of bones, and the maintenance of a stable and healthy weight. A decent pair of running shoes is essential for improving your running performance. All runners need running shoes that can support their feet and reduce pressure while running. However, there are a lot of running sport shoes on the market, and some of them can be rather expensive. Forget about spending a lot of money to receive a high-quality product. Why don’t you turn around and look at the top 15 best affordable running shoes under $25? Isn’t it more cost-effective for you?

Here, we’d want to offer you some of the top things available at a reasonable price. They are not only inexpensive, but they are also very comfortable for your feet, especially when running. The best ones should be long-lasting, breathable, comfy, and inexpensive. With the list we’ve put up for you, you’ll be able to choose the finest option quickly.

List Of 15 Best Cheap Running Shoes Under $25:

15. JUAN Men’s Lightweight Slip-On Mesh Sneakers

Starting with the first item on our list, we have JUAN’s lightweight mesh sneakers. This is ideal for outdoor sports like running or athletics. It’s a men’s mesh shoe with a slip-on design. It has a sturdy cotton-blend contract and a rubber sole that you will like. The mesh design on the upper of these running sneakers will make you feel much more comfortable on your feet. It is dry and sweaty because it can breathe well. Furthermore, the vent-mesh upper will aid in keeping your feet cool while jogging.

What We Enjoy:

The design is ideal for outdoor sports such as running.
It is really light.
This lightweight shoe is made of tough materials like cotton and has a rubber sole.
It has a mesh upper that is designed to dry quickly when you sweat.
With the vent-mesh top at the surface area, this shoe can keep your feet cool when jogging.
What We Don’t Care For:

It is reasonably priced.

14. MOERDENG Mens Walking Shoes

MOERDENG has released another another pair of lightweight and cheap running sneakers. This men’s running sneaker is ideal for walking or running. It’s fantastic because of the materials used, which include a rubber sole and a cloth upper. Furthermore, the rubber outsole makes it extremely durable.

You will be able to wear these comfy running sneakers because they include a padded tongue and collar. The closure is also designed as a conventional lace-up that is simple to use. It also includes a TPU heel to provide further stability. Additionally, it allows users to remove the foam insole.

What We Enjoy:

This running shoe is very light.
It has a rubber sole and a cloth upper.
It features a padded tongue and collar for enhanced comfort.
There is an easy-to-use conventional lace-up closure.
TPU heel support is also included in these finest affordable running shoes.
Soft linings are present.
It also has foam insoles that may be removed.
What We Don’t Care For:

It is of low quality.

13. Men’s Road Running Shoes

This is the second item on our list of the finest lightweight running shoes for guys. It’s even better at an inexpensive price with these lightweight sports sneakers. The design is beautiful, and the style is appropriate for both walking and jogging. The mesh upper has a breathable feature that will keep your feet cool and dry. This provides a lot of moisture. It’s manufactured with skin-friendly materials that won’t irritate your skin.

What We Enjoy:

The price is quite reasonable.
The design appears to be fashionable.
The mesh upper is designed for breathability, which keeps the feet cool and dry.
It’s constructed of hypoallergenic materials.
What We Don’t Care For:


12. Pozvnn Mens Running Sneakers Shoes

Moving on to the following product, Pozvnn has created yet another fantastic low-cost running sneaker. This is a wonderful walking or jogging sneaker for men. Users will love wearing it even more if it is designed in a fashionable manner. It is also light and comfortable to wear. Rubber soles and knitting make up these jogging shoes. A mesh that allows the unrestricted passage of air provides comfort while wearing it. Elastic blade soles tend to be soft and comfortable.

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What We Enjoy:

It is extremely inexpensive.
It has a rubber sole and is knitted.
A mesh upper keeps the feet cool and dry.
The elastic blade sole makes it lightweight, soft, and comfy.
What We Don’t Care For:

It is constructed of low-cost, low-quality materials.

11. Avia Men’s Avi-Factor Running Shoe

Following that, we’d like to show you another pair of the finest running shoes for guys on our list, designed by Avia. These running shoes are created with high-quality components from the United States, including synthetic soles and fabric. So you don’t have to be concerned about the quality of these shoes because they are long-lasting. It has an interesting design that allows for simple walking and running while remaining lightweight. Another fantastic feature is the detachable memory foam, which lets customers to quickly clean and use it. With the flexibility of the Cantilever technology design, you may enjoy every moment.

What We Enjoy:

This sneaker is made of high-quality synthetic sole and fabric from the United States.
It has memory foam that is detachable.
These are the lightest running sneakers available.
With the flexible design of Cantilever technology, it provides a comfortable and effortless movement.
What We Don’t Care For:

It is a little pricey.

10. Chopben Air Cushion Sneakers

The second item is Chopen’s Air Cushion Sneakers, which are ideal for men who enjoy jogging, walking, and exercising. This sneaker is also suitable for everyday wear. These are the best low-cost running shoes with a synthetic sole and knit fabric. It is breathable with that fabric. These running shoes are very lightweight, allowing you to move freely. The anti-slip button link is meant to be simple to use and pleasant.

What We Enjoy:

It is comprised of the synthetic sole and knitting fabric.
The bottom line is designed to be anti-slip and comfortable.
This sneaker is extremely light.
The air cushion design is fantastic.
This sneaker is ideal for everyday use.
What We Don’t Care For:

The sole is stiff.

9. Mevlzz Mens Running Shoes

Another great running shoe is the Meylzz Men’s Running Sneaker, which allows you to walk and run in style. With a soft and breathable knit, it is safe to wear. A breathable mesh is meant to keep you light and cool. This sneaker is composed of MD and has a long-lasting EVA sole. You will appreciate how versatile these sneakers are for most circumstances.

What We Enjoy:

This sneaker is comprised of long-lasting materials including MD and EVA soles.
This sneaker is appropriate for a variety of circumstances.
It is really light.
These jogging sneakers are lightweight and breathable.
What We Don’t Care For:

The price is a little high.

8. Voovix Mens Minimalist Trail Running Barefoot Shoes

The second item is Voovix’s best affordable running shoes, which are designed for both men and women. With lycra fabric uppers that bring comfort to your feet in every movement, these sneakers are flexible and breathable. Furthermore, these running shoes are quite light. It is free to move thanks to the non-slip construction. The elastic speed lacing lets consumers to easily modify the fit and take them on and off. These running shoes are gentle, thanks to the skin-friendly inside materials.

What We Enjoy:

It is extremely inexpensive.
The upper materials are extremely durable.
It is both breathable and adaptable.
A non-slip, free-moving design is available.
It has an elastic speed lace construction that makes it simple to put on and take off.
What We Don’t Care For:

The shoes can cause your toes to flex, causing pain.

7. ziitop Unisex Sneakers

Ziitop’s next offering is Boys and Girls Sneakers. Another fashionable and inexpensive running shoe. This is a kid’s footwear that goes with everything. You’ll stay cool and dry on your feet thanks to the breathable mesh cushioning. This is excellent for sports such as walking and running. This sneaker is non-slip, making it comfortable to wear, safe, and suitable for a variety of exercises. The ankles and knees of the children are supported by a shock-absorbing design.

What We Enjoy:

A breathable mesh is present.
This sneaker is ideal for everyday use by children.
There is a fantastic design that appears to be fashionable.
It is designed to absorb shock.
What We Don’t Care For:

It has a strong plastic odor.

6. Mevlzz Mens Casual Athletic Sneakers

This is the best casual sports sneaker developed for men by Mevlzz. This footwear is ideal for running, walking, and jogging in the outdoors. It has a knitted sole and an MD sole. You will like it much more because of the low price. Every movement in this footwear is secure, soft, and comfortable. The upper mesh is made of breathable material to keep the foot safe, dry, and cool. It also appears to be stylish and unusual.

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What We Enjoy:

This sneaker is extremely light.
The style is stylish and distinctive.
The upper mesh is airy and safe to wear.
It has a knitted sole and an MD sole.
What We Don’t Care For:

The sole is made of plastic rather than rubber.

5. CAMEL CROWN Men’s Trail Running Shoes

Moving on to the following product, this is CAMEL CROWN’s best budget running shoes for guys. This running shoe is suitable for a variety of occasions and is very easy to use. It has a soft, breathable lining that allows for easy mobility. The mesh is breathable, which keeps the feet cool and dry. These shoes are slip-resistant. It’s comprised of a high-elastic material with a synthetic sole with MD outsole padding.

What We Enjoy:

These are lightweight running shoes.
It is airy and pleasant.
The shoes are comprised of high-quality materials, including an elasticized synthetic sole.
It is made to be soft and move freely.
What We Don’t Care For:

These shoes are quite hot, making them unsuitable for cold conditions.

4. GESIMEI Men’s Breathable Mesh Tennis Shoes

Another inexpensive running shoe on our list. The breathable mesh in this GESIMEI shoe helps keep your feet cool when walking or running. The top and soft insoles provide comfort. The sole of this lightweight sneaker is comprised of phylon. It also appears to be fashionable and stylish. Furthermore, it is quite convenient to use due to its multifunctionality, as this shoe is suitable for a wide range of athletic activities.

What We Enjoy:

This sneaker is extremely light.
The sole is constructed of phylon.
These jogging sneakers are sleek and fashionable.
Most athletic activity can benefit from multi-functions.
It is airy and pleasant.
What We Don’t Care For:

The insole is really light.
The materials appear to be of poor quality.

3. VOSTEY Men’s Running Shoes Running Sneakers

Following that, we have another lightweight running footwear on our list. Because of its modest weight, users can enjoy running, walking, and sports activities. It is comprised of long-lasting materials like synthetic and EVA foam. That is very pleasant to wear. This sneaker is also extremely soft and light. The upper is made of breathable mesh in order to keep the feet cool and dry at all times.

What We Enjoy:

This running sneaker is built of tough synthetic materials and has EVA foam soles.
It is really light.
These jogging sneakers are quite comfortable.
There is a cushioned insole that is gentle on the ankles and feet.
This sneaker is appropriate for everyday use and any occasion.
What We Don’t Care For:

It is a little pricey.

2. Ranberone Men’s Walking Shoes

This is Ranborone’s greatest running sneaker, developed for men’s daily activities. It has a phylon sole and is knitted for durability. Furthermore, the mesh upper has a breathable feature that provides light and comfort. It is permeable within that mesh, allowing ventilation and keeping the feet dry and cool. With the high elastic MD outsole, you’ll be able to walk and run in comfortable and safe shoes. That’s fantastic for any type of flexible movement.

What We Enjoy:

A phylon sole and knitting make up this sneaker.
While walking or jogging, a breathable mesh provides comfort, moisture, dryness, and coolness to the foot.
The high elastic MD outsole added a lot to the design. With unfettered movement, this is safe to use.
This shoe is appropriate for any situation.
What We Don’t Care For:

This item is reasonably priced.

1. Wrezatro Running Shoes

Moving on to our top pick for the best inexpensive running shoes under $25, we have another Wrezatro lightweight running shoe. This is ideal for athletic activities among males. With MD sole, knitting, and high-tech, high-quality materials are contracted. It tends to offer such comfort and suppleness to your feet with all of these fantastic materials.

Furthermore, these athletic sneakers are light and comfortable to walk and run in. The knitted material is breathable and keeps the feet dry and cool. It also keeps the foot secure when running.

What We Enjoy:

They are knitted to be comfy and breathable.
It has an MD sole and is composed of high-tech materials.
These shoes are extremely light.
For breathability and durability, it is made of elastic and mesh.
The materials are handcrafted with care.
What We Don’t Care For:

Because it irritates your toes, you should get a larger size.

Buying Guides for the Best Under $25 Running Shoes:

If you enjoy running as part of your daily routine, you should invest in a good pair of sneakers. Running shoes do not always have to be pricey to be of good quality. They, like the finest inexpensive running shoes under $25 we’ve featured above, may support your feet, make running easier, and increase your performance while being affordable to all users. Check out the buying guides listed below before making your decision.

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Materials for Construction

Examining the materials used in the construction allows you to anticipate the amount of comfort you will experience. Some materials are quite comfortable for your feet, yet they may not be durable. If you are the kind to use the same pair of shoes until they are worn out, we strongly advise you to buy shoes made of synthetic materials with a thick rubber sole. Not only will it be more comfortable to wear, but it will also lengthen their lives.

If you merely plan on using it for mild running or walking, you may not need to opt for anything that is extremely comfy. If you are the type of person who gets sweaty on their feet easily, you should consider getting a mesh top sole. It is breathable and allows air to pass through thanks to the mesh fabric. Keep in mind, however, that the mesh materials are not waterproof.

Wearing Convenience

As previously stated, when wearing running shoes, you need to be comfortable. It is still not a good purchase, no matter how pricey it is, if it is not actually pleasant to wear. You might want to seek for something with a shock-absorbing function in this category. When you walk with this function, it creates a spring effect that makes you feel energized and relieves strain on your feet.

Furthermore, having an airy bottom on the shoes would be more fantastic and comfortable to wear. This may provide adequate protection for your feet, and the shoes themselves may not absorb water from the moist terrain. Overall, it will not leave the shoe smelling terrible.


Always go for the pair that fits your feet completely. Getting them too small might cause pain, discomfort, and difficulties walking or running. Going larger may also cause the shoes to fall off the feet. Nothing beats a pair that moves in lockstep with your feet. Additionally, always ensure that there are some openings for air to flow through so that your feet do not sweat and the collar does not become irritated.

Offering a Balance

You can’t run well until you have proper balance. The shoes you choose should allow you to sense both your feet and your body’s balance. Without good foot balance, it’s possible that your entire body, including your back, joints, and muscles, would suffer.

Color Choices

Some individuals may or may not think about this, but wouldn’t it be good if you could have a pair in your preferred color? Aside from that, the hue tends to indicate one person’s personality and thinking. With so many color variations available, you can pick your favorite to stand out from the crowd. Furthermore, wearing your favorite color during the race may help to raise your self-esteem.

The Shoe’s Weight

A decent pair of running shoes should be light enough to allow the feet to easily lift up. A pair of heavy running sneakers will often place additional pressure on your feet, preventing you from reaching a good speed. Furthermore, wearing heavy shoes when running for long distances may cause foot pain. Although shoes protect you from cuts and injuries, lightweight shoes allow you to run at your own pace at a pleasant and comfortable pace.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Do your running shoes effect your performance?

A: Whether you run on the treadmill or on the sidewalk, the shoes you wear can make or break your running goals. A decent pair of running shoes should have a nice balance of bouncy rate so that you don’t feel overly springy or too sluggish. Furthermore, the shoes should have a decent balance, good padding, and a high-quality rubber sole to allow you to run for hours. You will feel more at ease running with these on.

Q: Are cushioned running shoes better?

A: If the shoes are adequately padded and cushioned, they will better load the impact and protect your feet from injury. However, you may experience increased stiffness as a result of it.


As a result, there are so many different running shoes available from various stores that choosing the perfect one will be difficult. However, with all of the aforementioned items reviewed, you will have a better understanding of some of the best running shoes available at reasonable prices. The greatest running shoes should not only be of high quality, but also be reasonably priced. As a result, with our list, selecting the best of the best running shoes for yourself will be simple. When looking for the best affordable running shoes, keep the above sources in mind.

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