Top 10 Most Beautiful Vietnamese Women Star in 2023

Vietnamese women are polite, unique, and stunning. They are gifted, driven, and determined to achieve their goals. The Top 10 Most Beautiful Vietnamese Women are listed below.

List Of Most Beautiful Vietnamese Women Star in 2023:

1. Ngoc Trinh – Most Beautiful Vietnamese Women

Ngoc Trinh is a model and blogger from Vietnam. On September 27, 1989, she was born. Ngoc Trinh specializes in fashion and trend reporting. She also discusses the most popular fashion items and what is currently trending. She encourages women to grow and trust in their own abilities as women.

Her admirers include both men and women who are enthralled by her amazing appearance. Ngoc is a beautiful and brilliant woman who is well-known across the world.

Because of her outspoken and fiery personality, most women admire her. People recall her attending the Cannes Film Festival in a beautiful and provocative gown, which cemented her celebrity. Although, some individuals were outraged by what she was wearing because it went against their culture and custom. After the program, Ngoc was named one of the sexiest Vietnamese women.

2. Mai Phuong Thuy – Most Beautiful Vietnamese Women


Mai is a Vietnamese woman with several skills. She is a model, actress, and beauty queen. She embodies beauty, charisma, and skill.

People in Vietnam admire Mai for her Asian-wide campaign for human health, which resulted in new discoveries and solutions to combat diseases that affect many people.

She was the tallest Miss Vietnam competitor from 1988 till 2012, and she won and received the most SMS votes.

She also had the opportunity to compete in the Miss World 2006 competition, which was held in Poland. She placed 17th overall.

She’s not just a beauty queen, but also an accomplished actor. In 2007, she appeared in the film Negative, which depicts the story of Lam Uyen Nhi, an HIV/AIDS patient who lives a lonely and unhappy existence.

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3. Truong Thi Dieu Ngoc – Beautiful Vietnamese Women


Truong Thi Dieu Ngoc is a beauty queen and model. We believe her to be one of the most attractive and best ladies in Vietnam.

Truong was crowned Miss Vietnam in 2015, sashaying her way to the top with her lovely looks and near-perfect posture and demeanor. She left a few female hopefuls who are also hoping to represent their nation at Miss Universe next year.

Truong rose to fame after appearing on reality television shows and contests.

She is well-known for her conviction that a woman should be attractive on the inside as much as the outer. She also places a high priority on family because that is where one’s origins originate. She’s a dedicated woman who will work tirelessly to achieve her objective.

4. Luu Thi Diem – Most Beautiful Vietnamese Women

Luu Thi Diem

An entrepreneur, a model, and a stunning woman. Luu Thi Diem is a beauty queen because she was crowned Miss Vietnam World in 2010; she did not compete in the Miss World Pageant that year, but she did compete in Miss Earth. She made it to the Top 14 and the Top 5 Miss Talent Competition, as well as winning Best in Swimsuit.

Luu Thi Diem was selected to compete in the Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2012, however she did not win the title.

Luu Thi Diem has truly loved her life in the spotlight, winning pageants, and becoming well-known. She married the guy of her dreams in 2011, and the two now have a kid together. Luu currently owns a bakery and lives a humble but fulfilling life.

5. Ly Nha Ky – Beautiful Vietnamese Women


Beauty with wits and the ability to communicate in five languages. She is very interested in learning about the cultures of different nations, so she has attempted to learn as much as she can about each one that she has become interested in, and she feels that learning their language is a good place to start.

She is both attractive and skilled. Ly is an actress and model, as well as a determined and focused businesswoman.

She has already appeared in over twenty Vietnamese films and has won acclaim from her admirers for her outstanding performance.

She also keeps herself active with charitable causes including assisting the less fortunate, assisting women in society, and serving as an example role model for many young and senior ladies. Ly believes that beauty is only superficial. What matters is what you do with your life. Help others and do good, and your worth will be determined by the number of people you have impacted over your lifetime.

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6. Chi Pu – Beautiful Vietnamese Women


Chi Pu is a well-known and talented actress. She was born in Hanoi, Vietnam, on June 14, 1993.

She also sings and models for commercials and advertising on occasion. Because of her success in the company, she is a darling among Vietnamese teenagers.

When she was a teenager, she was a high achiever. She encourages her followers to do well in school so that they may achieve their goals as well.

She is not just concerned with her own fame, but also with giving back to society. Chi is continuously making sure that her aim of making Vietnam a better place is met.

She’s also well-known on social media, with tens of thousands of fans eagerly anticipating her daily posts, photos, and videos. She has accomplished so much in such a short period and has become well-known.

They think Chi is a fascinating, intelligent, kind, and attractive person on the inside and out.

7. Pham Huong – Beautiful Vietnamese Women Star


On September 4, 1991, Pham was born. She is a model, a winner of beauty pageants, and a college instructor.

She came in eighth place in Vietnam’s Top Model 2010, was awarded first runner-up in Miss World Sport 2014, and finished in the top ten in Miss Vietnam 2014.

She represented her nation at the Miss Universe pageant in Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2015. Despite her charisma, great performance, and meticulous preparation, she only made it to the Top 15 crowd favorite and did not make it to the Top 15.

Her dedication was recognized when she was named Vietnam National Miss for her efforts to promote Vietnam internationally.

Her fame grew as a singer, beauty queen, and fashion guru, and she became a global presence.

8. Hoang Thuy Linh – Beautiful Vietnamese Women Star


Hoang Thuy Linh was first and foremost an actor. She was also a member of the Angels, a girl band. She became renowned while she was a teenager, and as a result, she was overworked with commercials, television projects, ads, and she appeared on numerous teen magazine covers.

Her first role as an actor was in the film Path of Life when she was just a tiny kid. She next appeared in Laugh of Destiny and Journey to the Sun, two more drama series.

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Hoang completed her education at the Vietnam Acting and Film College’s Department of TV Director in 2009 and went on to star in another TV show.

Hoang’s life hasn’t always been straightforward, as she’s been involved in disputes and conflicts. Her career was nearly crushed by a massive scandal. Although many teenagers sympathized with her, several adults, particularly parents, did not. Her concerts were often canceled, and she was widely chastised.

Hoang took a break from the profession to contemplate and let the commotion fade naturally. She was able to re-enter the game in 2010, when she published a new album and received widespread praise for her vocal abilities.

In 2018, she wrote an autobiography detailing her career and previous statements on the issue.

9. Toc Tien Most Beautiful Vietnamese Women Star

Toc Tien

Toc Tien is a singer, model, and actress who was born on May 13, 1989. Her family recognized her potential at a young age, and she was invited to join the Children’s House of Ho Chi Minh City’s performance group. Her mother managed her when she launched her singing and modeling careers.

Toc Tien has recorded several albums when she was a child, through her adolescence, and into adulthood. She also appeared in a few television shows and movies. A few endorsements were signed by her.

Toc Tien has surprised the entertainment business by demonstrating vocal skills at such a young age. Her voice were comparable to those of other talented singers at the time, with such strength and range.

She is not only well-known for her vocal abilities, but also as a fashion icon.

Toc Tien has already achieved the level of fame that she could only have dreamt when she was younger.

10. Ho Ngoc Ha – Beautiful Vietnamese Women Star


Her career began with the publication of her debut album in 2004. It was a smash song at the time, and she was asked to perform in the Asia Song Festival in Korea. She then continued to release records after albums in the years that followed.

She earned the Golden Apricot Blossom Award, HTV Award, Green Wave Award, Yan VPOP 20, and Wave Award, as well as the HTV Award for Favorite Female Singer.

She also acts in TV shows and does commercials and advertising in addition to singing.

She married and had a child with her now-ex-husband before dating an actor.

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