Top 10 Best 19 Inch TVs in 2023 Reviews

The 19-inch screen size is the only topic of this review. You may require a 19-inch television for a variety of reasons, and you will discover that this is not an easy operation to complete. This is especially true because high-end manufacturers such as Samsung and LG are battling it out for space in the 100-inch screen size range.

As a result, the market for this screen size has been unregulated for quite some time. However, we do occasionally have certain gems available, which are shown below. We examined each television on this list in great detail and took into account the parameters listed below.

List of 10 Best 19 Inch TVs in 2023 Reviews:

10. Element ELEFW195 19″ 720p 60Hz LED 19 Inch TVs

This beautiful TV from Element kicks off our review. It provides excellent value for money. Element has a long history of selling refurbished televisions to the market. One would not have guessed the television was not brand new right away. However, don’t let that deter you because the manufacturer has a reputation for producing high-quality televisions. Another advantage is that the pricing is reasonable when compared to the competitors and what they have to offer.

The ELEFW195 19-inch TV has all of the functionality that a modern consumer would expect. The screen output quality is HD with a 720p resolution. The visuals are as a result clean and clear.

What We Enjoy:

From the date of delivery of the TV, free 60-day phone tech assistance is given.
You may view from a 160-degree vertical and 170-degree horizontal wide-angle, which improves your viewing experience.

What We Don’t Care For:

The resolution is only 720p.

9. SuperSonic SC-1911H LED Widescreen HDTV

In the ninth position, we have one of the better options for people seeking for a 19-inch widescreen TV. For the Supersonic Store, this is the SuperSonic SC-1911H. This TV has a 1080p resolution, which means you can watch practically any video available on the internet.

Furthermore, the brilliant color provides a pleasant experience by making the view more colorful. You may view Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services via the AC/DC port, USB port, and HDMI port. You can use this as a monitor if your computer has no display.

What We Enjoy:

This television has a 1080p resolution, which is quite clear for your eyes.
It features a wonderful brilliant color display that provides the material a stronger hue.
It’s convenient to be able to utilize it as a computer monitor.
What We Don’t Care For:

The sound quality isn’t really good.

8. Sceptre 19″ Class HD (720P) LED TV – 19 Inch TVs

Next, Spectre Store has supplied an excellent option for purchasing a television. The Sceptre 19 inch (E195BV-SR) takes up very little room and is quite light. This makes it ideal for people who want to move it around the house or on vacation.

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With its brush finish surface, you get not only a superior quality gloss on the TV but also additional scratch prevention.

This keeps it looking new even after years of use. It has a screen with a resolution of 720p. A single HDMI connector on the TV allows you to connect current devices for high-quality audio and video. Furthermore, because it is mount-ready, you can mount it to the wall.

What We Enjoy:

This device has a rather slender body that is highly attractive.
It contains an HDMI port, which allows you to effortlessly connect your TV to other devices.
The cost is really reasonable.
What We Don’t Care For:

The resolution on this TV, however, is only 720p, which is still quite poor.

7. RCA RT1970 19-Inch 720p 60Hz LED TV – Best 19 Inch TVs

If you need a TV, this is one you should not overlook. The RCA TV is a fantastic television with 170 degrees horizontal and 160 degrees vertical viewing angles. It has a 16:9 aspect ratio and a 720p HD resolution. Considering the size of the TV, the sound quality on this RCA RT1970 TV is adequate.

With all of the important features packed into this bundle, you are sure to enjoy your entertainment with this TV. This is a fantastic little TV that takes up very little space and can be used in guest rooms, kitchens, or just about anywhere because it is lightweight and small. You can lift it up easily because it is lightweight.

What We Enjoy:

This TV has less glare than most other televisions on the market.
Because of its tiny size, you can easily transport it to any location.
The cost is not prohibitively high.

What We Don’t Care For:

The TV’s resolution is only 720p.
It has a fairly substantial bezel.

6. Element ELEFW195 19 Inch TVs

Element Store comes up with a brilliant idea by providing a fantastic television option. It has a resolution of 720p, which isn’t the best, but it’s adequate. This TV has a broad viewing angle of 160 degrees vertically and 170-degrees horizontally, increasing your viewing experience.

It is really convenient for you because it reduces glare and eliminates the need to shift to a different location in your room. You can also get popular programs and information by using additional hardware. The small bezel on all sides gives this TV a really appealing appearance.

What We Enjoy:

Your eyes are not distracted by a thin bezel.
You may view from a 160-degree vertical and 170-degree horizontal wide-angle, which improves your viewing experience.
What We Don’t Care For:

It just has a 720p resolution, which isn’t that good.

5. Furrion 19″ LED HD TV 19 Inch TVs


We’re halfway to our objective of ranking 5th on the list, and we’d like to show off a TV from Furrion Store. This is a great TV with 720p resolution and 178-degree viewing angles. You will be able to watch TV comfortably and without having to move because there will be no glare on the screen.

Furthermore, because this TV has a 1000:1 contrast ratio, the colors on its screen are rich and vibrant. The 1-year warranty is the best feature of this TV. For instance, if your television has a problem, you may simply call the manufacturer for assistance. If they are unable to repair it, you may be given a new one.

What We Enjoy:

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A wide viewing angle of 178 degrees is a very beneficial feature.
There is a one-year warranty that can be utilised.
A 1000:1 contrast ratio is included.
What We Don’t Care For:

The TV’s resolution is only 720p, which is quite low.

4. Proscan/RCA PLED1960A 19 Inch TVs

Choosing the best TV from a sea of options can be difficult. PROSCAN, on the other hand, has provided clients with excellent televisions. This firm also makes a decent television. It’s a 720p screen, so it’ll give you a good, sharp image. If you’re searching for a way to save space, this is a fantastic option.

Another advantage of the TV is its ability to be mounted. This is for mounting your television on the wall. The size and design are ideal, and it also has a thin bezel.

What We Enjoy:

It has a very narrow bezel, which enhances your viewing experience.
This television is always ready to be installed.
Good for saving space.
What We Don’t Care For:

The majority of individuals do not want 720p resolution.

3. Jensen JTV19DC 19 Inch TVs

We’ve finally cracked the top three, and we’re on our way to achieving our objective of being number one. However, we strongly urge you to examine this television closely. It’s a Jensen Store television. This TV is great for you because it has a 1080p resolution. That is the resolution that everyone wants on a television because it allows for sharp and detailed images.

It also boasts stereo audio, which may elevate the experience to new heights. You can also use some extra gear to add more programs and material to your TV. Furthermore, with a contrast ratio of 3000:1, the color will be vibrant and rich.

What We Enjoy:

The contrast ratio on this TV is 3000:1.
You may enjoy watching TV or any other entertainment with stereo audio.
It has a 1080p resolution, which is better than 720p for clarity.
What We Don’t Care For:

It has a large bezel, which some people find offensive.

2. Sceptre E195BD-SRR 19 Inch TVs

When it comes to televisions and monitors, Spectre is a well-known brand. They’ve managed to get their products back on the list, this time in the top two spots. This TV, on the other hand, has a 720p resolution and may provide a really clear and sharp image.

The DVD player is a real device that rarely comes with the television. It also has an HDMI port for connecting to other devices like the Amazon Fire Stick, Apple TV, and so on. Because the TV is mount-ready, you can also mount it to the wall. Because of the small bezel, the design is quite appealing.

What We Enjoy:

The bezel on this item is really narrow.
This television has a DVD player built in.
It contains an HDMI port, which is quite convenient.
What We Don’t Care For:

The resolution is only 720p, which is extremely low in today’s world.

1. Westinghouse 19 inch TVs 720p

The moment you’ve all been anticipating for quite some time has finally arrived. Without wasting any more of your time, we’d like to show you the greatest 19-inch TV out of all the 19-inch TVs available. This is a Westinghouse television with a 720p resolution. That TV’s screen is extremely bright, which allows you to see fine details.

Furthermore. It makes no difference if you want to watch news, sports, or movies; you will still get the most out of them. This device has an HDMI port, a VGA port, and a USB port, making connectivity a breeze. The television is also quite small and narrow.

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What We Enjoy:

It has a wide range of connectivity options.
The TV’s design is also quite thin.
This television’s color is accurate.
What We Don’t Care For:

It just has a 720p resolution, which isn’t amazing.

Buying Guides For The Best 19-Inch Televisions:

Because there is so much stuff available on this globe, watching television is a fantastic way to pass the time. Right now, you might be looking for one of the greatest 19-inch TVs. Do you, however, know where to look for one of high quality? We’re guessing you don’t know how to. That is why we are here today to assist you in overcoming your difficulties. You can utilize the purchase guides listed below because they are highly handy.

This is possibly the most important factor in your decision. The pricing of these TVs vary depending on the features offered by the TV manufacturer. We carefully analyzed the costs of these TVs in this list, as well as their various features, to guarantee that you receive the most value for your money.

As previously noted, 19-inch screens are extremely uncommon nowadays. That so, we have ensured that the products featured in this review are from manufacturers with high-quality standards and a solid reputation for their products.

Different types of inputs are available with these TVs, allowing you to connect additional devices to your TV. On the list, we describe what some of these inputs accomplish, such as VGA and USB. All of the TVs in this review have at least one HDMI port. In this day and age, we believe it is critical. In a nutshell, HDMI gives your TV better audio and video quality.

For many people, a 19-inch TV with 720p resolution is sufficient. In fact, it looks fantastic on such a large screen, and you won’t have to worry about seeing individual pixels. We’ve included one of the 1080p screen sizes, which we don’t think is absolutely necessary, but you might want some ‘bragging rights.’

Advantages of 19-Inch Televisions
They are easily transportable.
19-inch televisions are among the lightest, if not the lightest, on the market. Furthermore, the ones in this evaluation all have a flat screen display to save even more room. You may easily transfer this TV from one location to another, allowing you to roam around with your entertainment.

Budget-friendly entertainment
19-inch TVs provide your entertainment needs at the most affordable costs. If you’re on a budget or don’t want to spend too much money on your shows, you’ll get all of this quality.

Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is 19 inches the ideal length?

A: Without a doubt. A 19-inch TV may be placed almost anyplace, including a dorm, a room, a living room, and so on.

Q: What is the 720p resolution like?

A: The 720p resolution is acceptable. Most consumers, however, don’t care because most programs are accessible in 1080p resolution.

Searching for a 19-inch screen is not for the faint of heart. Many people have been dissatisfied with their purchases, while others have been pleased. We want you to be satisfied with your purchase. We’ve looked at the most basic requirements for today’s wants and demands in order to alleviate your concerns. You may buy with confidence with either of these televisions.

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