Top 10 Richest Korean Actresses in 2023

The Korean film business has been gradually increasing in recent years. This business has produced a number of notable performers and actresses who have gone on to delight the rest of the globe. These celebrities can make a great wage because of their outstanding performing abilities mixed with a nice demeanor. As a result, these superstars are known for being among the highest-paid actors and actresses in the industry. Continue reading to learn more about the top 10 wealthiest Korean actresses in 2023:

1. JUN JI-HYUN – Richest Korean Actresses:


JUN JI-HYUN made her modeling debut for a well-known fashion magazine. She was just 15 years old when she accomplished this. She rose to prominence in the industry as a result of her subsequent performances in several films. In the year 2001, she was cast in the film “My Sassy Girl.” Furthermore, due to her outstanding performances in drama series, this charming Korean actress always receives several accolades. She is currently one of South Korea’s most popular actors. She is paid 99,900 USD every episode, according to reports.



LEE YOUNG-AE is a stunning actress who rose to fame after starring in the hit drama Dae Jang Geum. This dedicated actress has been climbing the success ladder from the beginning of her profession. This is because she spent a lot of time and effort honing her acting skills. Her personal life is great as well. There is unlikely to be anyone who does not admire her attractiveness. She gets paid $90,700 every episode.

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SONG HYE-KYO has been in a number of well-known dramas. Autumn in My Heart and Descendants of the Sun are two of her most successful films. Each episode pays this stunning lady 54,400 dollars.

Her key performances in different television dramas helped her gain notoriety throughout Asia. She was placed eighth on Forbes magazine’s Korea Power Celebrity list in 2017. She also came in sixth place in the 2018. Because to the popularity of Song’s TV dramas, she has become a worldwide recognized Hallyu star. Song made a public apology for tax evasion while asserting illegal expenses in August 2014, after an inadvertent disclosure by a politician managing the management of the National Tax Service of South Korea.

4. CHOI JI-WOO – Richest Korean Actresses:

CHOI JI-WOO has been in a variety of dramas in various roles during his acting career. Her most well-known parts, though, are in Winter Sonata and Stairway to Heaven. The majority of her admirers were ecstatic to see her appear in the 2020 drama series Crash Landing on You. She is said to receive $46,000 each episode.

5. Ha JI-WON:

5. Ha JI-WON

While playing the villain, Ha JI-WON made her debut. Her outstanding acting abilities, on the other hand, enabled her to achieve tremendous fame as a main actor. She and Hyun Bin had the key roles in Secret Garden in 2010. She broke several drama series records with her performance. She gets paid 45,000 dollars every episode.



KIM TAE-HEE is a stunning South Korean actress who has maintained her attractiveness throughout the years. She received her diploma from Seoul National University. This proves that she is both intelligent and beautiful. This combination was really successful for her. She is paid 37,000 USD every episode, according to reports.

7. GONG HYO-JIN – Richest Korean Actresses:


This lovely actress is regarded as one of South Korea’s best-endowed actresses. All of the drama shows in which she appeared were huge hits. She is also known as “Queen of Ratings.” She and Kang Ha-neul played the key roles in When the Camellia Blooms the previous year. The “Best Couple Award” was given to these two women. GONG HYO-JIN was also awarded the prestigious Grand Prize. She gets paid 36,500 USD every episode in terms of revenues.

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PARK BO-YOUNG is well-known for her exceptional acting abilities. She is so blessed with acting abilities that she can take on any character with ease. Her drama series, Oh My Ghost, has a large following. She is also paid 27,300 dollars every episode.



SHIN MIN-acting A’s abilities are exceptional. Many people like her performance as the lead in the drama Oh My Venus. She’s also recognized for her role in the drama My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. She gets paid $27,000 every episode.

10. PARK SHIN-HYE Richest Korean Actresses:


Her acting career began when she was quite young. As a kid actor, she has performed in TV dramas and commercials. She gets paid 22,700 dollars per episode.

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